FAQs for Historic Racing Entrants

Q How many tickets do I get per race car entry?
A One driver plus three crew members

Q Can I buy more tickets?
A Yes, additional tickets (called "overcrew") can be purchased at registration by the driver with a check or a credit card

Q Why do you need high-resolution photos of my car(s)?
A They are needed for the Historic Festival-specific "Daily Rev," the multi-page, full color handout of the entry list and other pertinent information that Lime Rock fans rely on. The sooner you send us a 1MB or bigger electronic photo of your car(s), the better. If you have only print photos, have them scanned. If you can't have them scanned, send to us and we can do it for you and return the photo

Q I'm racing a car, but I want to bring a car to Sunday in the Park (SITP) Concours. How do I get my car registered? Can I bring an additional car with me for the weekend and keep it in the paddock?
A Yes, we want you to bring other cars for entry into Sunday in the Park. The SITP Application is on this website (under "For the Concours Entrants"). We also encourage you to display your actual weekend racing car and/or others that you bring to display in the "Pick of the Paddock" area at SITP

Q Am I able to purchase additional tickets for the Friday Night Participant Party?
A You may call the Office and have your name added to a very limited list that may or may not secure you an extra ticket

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