Concours Entry Application

The 2017 Historic Festival 35 "Sunday in the Park" Concours Entry Form is now posted.

Click here to download 2017 Concours Application form.

If you've any questions, please contact:

Ryan McIntosh
Concours & Marques Administrator
Tel.: 860.435.5000, ext. 109
Fax: 860.435.5010

We employ traditional Concours d' Elegance judging principals. It is the style, rarity, presentation and unique qualities of the car that count most. We encourage vehicles to be presented in as close to original configuration as possible.

With this premise, our judges are not there to confirm itemized originality. They will ask to look ''under and in'' only when they feel it is necessary. Our Judges have the expertise to make sound evaluations, then good decisions, in about 5 minutes. Hoods should not be opened unless asked. Displays or '' automobilia'' of interest and other items specific to your vehicle are encouraged.

Finally, mechanical condition counts and from time to time we may ask you to ''start-up,'' listening for that distinctive ''audio track'' your car makes.

Download: 2017 Sunday in the Park Concours Application.pdf